Straightforward Redux, no strings attached!

Keep it simple — Photo by Jeffrey Wegrzyn on Unsplash

Recap and outlook:

We used Redux to create a store object, defined a reducer that listens for our actions and then connected our app with React-Redux by wrapping the app code in our provider and connecting the component that needs to interact with the store via connect.

Some words about me:

In case you are interested in this tutorial’s game idea, see my article [Taking games apart: How to design a simple idle clicker]. If you want to see more of my work and progress, feel free to check out my series on building [a React Native Web App with Hooks, Bells, and Whistles with Expo SDK33]. I’m also currently working on a new series about building more complex and scalable apps using React/Redux, where I’ll go into details about how and why I do stuff the way I do as well as some articles on my experience in building games for web and mobile with React. This article is only the start of it so stay tuned for future updates.



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Konrad Abe

Konrad Abe


I’m a Web / App Developer & father 👨‍👩‍👧 doing freelance and part-time agency work since 2003, 💻 building stuff on the side 🕹 and attending conferences 🎟