Rant — Roadmap, Dogfooding and NPM

Photo by Daniel von Appen on Unsplash, slightly edited


  • clean minimalistic setup
  • Typescript for more stable typing
  • UnitTesting to monitor changes for stability
  • out-sourcing more complex but reusable code
  • gonna be used by my other game and regular projects
  • will contain reusable logic components (for calculations, processes and stuff, the game loop, the data store, drag&drop functionality)
  • will allow me to make a clear separation between game logic and functionality
  • more reusability
  • will contain typical UI objects such as boxes, popup modals, buttons, text elements, toggles etc. etc.
  • guess what… yeah, more reusability
  • will contain simple graphics for UI elements to be used for rapid prototyping
  • assets will be separated in themed sets (generic, quirky, basic, old school, pixels, fantasy, sci-fi)



I’ll add an article on NPM soon’ish that shows how easy it can be to put your code out there for the rest of the world to consume and use. It’s not rocket science and everyone can do it.



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Konrad Abe

Konrad Abe


I’m a Web / App Developer & father 👨‍👩‍👧 doing freelance and part-time agency work since 2003, 💻 building stuff on the side 🕹 and attending conferences 🎟